Cellars of monastery Tvrdoš


An ancient folk tale mentions Tvrdoš and its cellars – monastery chambers for wine keeping. In the dark times after the doom of Serbian medieval state Serbian monks preserved Serbian tradition and spirituality, with wine making as a part of it. As in the rest of the Europe, Serbian monks were those most responsible for preserving the tradition of wine making. Many famous wine establishments of France, Italy, Spain and Germany continued the tradition of what used to be an old monastery estate. There are also numerous Serbian monasteries with respectful wine making tradition: Visoki Dečani, Ljubostinja, Tvrdoš…

Monks from monastery Tvrdoš started a new chapter in the story about monastery wine making in our area. The took care over vineyards in Trebinje field where they had 70 ha of old Vranac plantations and 60 ha of new vineyards in Popovo polje. Today the monastery has two cellars. Vranac is kept in the old stone cellar from 15th century, and only about 10 meters away there is a new underground cellar with most up-to-date technology, perfectly blended into the existing complex.


5,5 km from the center of Trebinje

4,8 km from the station

How to get there: By car