DENIS Gastro Temple


DENIS gastro TEMPLE is a restaurant of international cuisine, which has been waiting for its guests with various specialties for more than 20 years. It is located in the city center, only 350 meters from the famous Subotica City Hall.

In our restaurant, guests are offered a large selection of the highest quality food at affordable prices, and the ambience it has has a special charm.

The garden is designed to satisfy all the senses, provides a full feeling of relaxation, so in an extraordinary way it is the best way to escape from everyday stress. Here it will seem to you that time has stopped. Every guest is very happy to return because of the quality of service and the ambience created for enjoyment.


Come and see for yourself why DENIS gastro TEMPLE has been one of the most popular restaurants in Subotica and its surroundings for 20 years.


Monday - Sunday:

09:00 - 24:00