Hotel Bellevue


The hotel is located near the birthplace of our poet Jovan Dučić.

It is surrounded by untouched nature, peace and the chirping of birds, the view from the hotel on the city will leave you breathless!

The architects made sure that the aesthetics of the hotel follow its natural environment, so much so that even the facade of the hotel imitates the diversity of the Herzegovinian scenery.

To top all of that, the hotel is located only 3 km away from the city center.


The hotel has 27 rooms and 3 luxury suites, equipped to provide you with superior quality and comfort.

The interior of modern design is skilfully blended with neutral tones, accompanied by natural elements of wood and stone, with plants at every turn, introducing into the interior of the hotel feelings of peace and tranquility that prevail in its surroundings.