Tavern Scala Santa


Listed as the oldest restaurant in Kotor, Scala Santa opened in 1931 for the first time, oozing with character, charm and authentic wooden beams which keep the building standing upright. Located in a quiet corner of Old Town in Kotor inclusive of a roomy terrace makes Scala Santa a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Traditional fish and an array of seafood are on the menu here, all served by very friendly staff. A sense of home cooking is what you will receive, including their famous fish soup and fish stew which represent comfort food at its best. Modern additions to the restaurant can, however, be found within the menu which is mostly Mediterranean, but they can treat you with some meat specialities too, and amenities including free and unlimited WiFi available for all diners.

What makes this place special is the fact that is not only popular amongst the foreigners and visitors, but also amongst local people who love to spend their evenings here or enjoy delicious daily meals Scala Santa serves. The tavern has a beautiful fireplace, that betters cosy atmosphere during the cold and rainy winter days.This tavern in its actual shape is a family restaurant with tradition, established in 1996 by Mr Prorocic, and now his daughter Sanja and her husband Toni overtook it and they are successfully running it.

Similar to the majority of restaurants in Kotor, the prices are very reasonable which favours families who want a nice meal in a tranquil area; alternatively, the romantic and rustic ambience is well suited for couples. The capacity is 40 places inside and 42 places outside.



every day 11:30 am - 10:00 pm