Wine gallery Vukoje


Winery is relying on modern technologies, controlled fermentation processes and traditional methods for keeping wine in oak ‘barrique’ barrels in cellars that are located eight meters underground. Our production is exclusively oriented towards quality, which is proven by many domestic and international awards.

They won over 150 gold medals on domestic and international competitions, and in the last six months they won 10 gold and silver medals on the officially biggest and most important wine competition in the world – Vienna 2015, and they were also proclaimed the best national product of Bosnia and Hercegovina. That same year in the seat of Sommelier Foundation from Tuscany, Italy, on the recommendation of Association of Sommeliers of Italy, wine sorts Žilava and Vranac won the most important trophies for quality among autochthonous sorts.

‘Wine Gallery Vukoje’ is marked into the map of every individual tourist, wine pilgrim and every organized tour from the region, Europe and overseas countries. In search for ‘land from stone’, where you can grow everything that does not grow anywhere else, over 50 000 hedonists in the last season experienced this magnificent object and fully enjoyed the best wine-gastronomic offer there is.

Wine Gallery’s kitchen pays respect to colors, scents, tradition and unique emotions of great gastronomic abundance of magical Herzegovina merged together with talent and passion of innovative cuisine. Results of this relationship are best seen in dishes that are refined with aromas of fruit and vegetables from domestic production, autochthonous Trebinje lamb fed with cytisus, calf from Gacko, famous goat meat from Bileća, river fish, dairy products from Nevesinje… all of this is blended together into a complete and unique perception of cuisine.


850 m from the center of Trebinje

1,1 km from the station

How to get there: By foot